Sunday, March 1, 2009

don't worry blog, i'm not letting you down

lately i've been going about my days like normal. wake up, shower, go to class, come back from class, eat, etc.

but every now and then, more often now than before, i have been thinking&praying about a lot of stuff. all kinds of things pertaining to my life now&for the future.

i feel like i am sorta in a rut with my blogging--but not. :/ i have never been a huge writer, but i liked to do it sometimes. ever since i started writing posts, as i go about my day, certain thoughts&situations come my way that cause me to ponder. "i should write this on my blog! this would be so cool!" usually pops into my head multiple times a day. but, by the time i get to my room, so many distractions have already beat me to the computer and either, i don't feel motivated to write anymore, or i forget what it was that i originally wanted to write about. then there are those times where i do remember what i wanted to write about, but have no idea as to how to go about it! therefore making me feel very disorganized {which i hate}, and somehow letting down my blog. :/ i know that this isn't true, but somehow i got the impression that when a person has a journal or diary or blog {which can also be seen as a virtual diary}, they tend to write in it frequently. writing everyday isn't practical for me but if an idea or thought comes, why stop it right? i never see the point in ceasing something if it is working out fine for the time being.

i created this blog so i could share {all} my thoughts openly&freely. it seems easier to share your life with strangers than with people you know. you are connected some way on the internet. not the same way with those whom i care about here at school, church, or home, but yet, we are still somewhat bonded by an invisible string. bloggers want to share who they are, to meet new people& basically display whatever they have a desire for. my sudden urge to write came from a need to get in a closer relationship with God. i needed to share what has been instilled in me. i have been poured with God's love&spirit&word for a long time, and finally needed an outlet. it is so vital to release what is inside of you. God uses us as his go-between---but only when we are willing to work for him. when we agree to whole-heartedly be a vessel for him to work through us, that is when his will is able to be fulfilled. obviously we can't do everything, but i can see people as his little-helpers.

this is why i have this blog. to write what is on my heart, what God puts on my heart, as well as some babbling that just needs to be done. :)

i guess this is all i wanted to share about today. not quite sure if it made any sense, or if it had any relavance or influence on anyone but nonetheless, it was something i needed to blog.

oh ya, i haven't done any work today either. yay for me!! :/


Nancy said...

I feel the same about those elusive thoughts that want to be blogged!!! I'm trying to at least scribble notes to myself and resolve to blog about them later, but it is hard to find the time.

Thanks for providing me with some more inspiration :) hopefully by blogging about it I can give it back to you.

You made sense, your remarks were relevant to me, and they had an influence on me! A very effective blog, indeed! :D

RunTX said...

I think that's what draws people to blogging...I feel people who blog like to read and write more than those who do not. It's also a type of therapy where you can connect with folks that have a common bond "blogging" and especially those that have a relationship and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord. It's also a great tool to share your daily victories in Him...

God bless you.