Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"how are you?" "good"

sometimes when people ask me, "how are you?" i try to answer as honestly as possible. for instance, if i'm really tired i respond, "pretty tired, but i'm hanging in there". so today when i was at work, a client says, "hi kim! how was your day?" i say, "my day was a little crazy but it's going well thank you" :) later on, a co-worker of mine asks me, "so besides your day being a little crazy, how are you?" all i could muster up for a response was, "good". really kim? after a moment's pause and a sigh all i could say was "good"? the one-word-generic-answer that everyone uses. even when they're honestly doing well or when they're not. the one thing i did not want to fall into--the thoughtless, generic, i-don't-have-time-to-talk-because-i-have-to-get-back-to-work, answer----"good". but frankly, things were good! i wasn't lying. i wasn't deliberately being vague. my life has just finally reached that point where nothing exciting or new has happened or is coming up. things were....well, good. sure, this could be a post that screams, "you're over-reacting, kim! don't make a big deal out of this!" but i honestly want to be upfront and real with people. especially when they take the time out of their day to find out how i'm doing. they didn't have to make small talk, but they did and because of that the least i could do is respond sincerely. the courtesy and consideration of communication among people is very important. i feel like people are so rude or impersonal these days, its really sad! 

 yesterday i was shopping with some friends in noho, i didn't buy much. just one cute owl coaster. and the cashier asks me, "would you like your receipt printed or emailed to you?" my friend & i were surprised. we even giggled at the idea, "wait, what? you email receipts now?" he says, "yeah, it makes returns really easy now". wow, our culture has become so electronically run that we can't even return something face to face anymore--sure convenience is a huge issue. but i meet some of the neatest people when i go out of my comfort zone.

OKAY, back to my previous thought::

so, if you see me get irritated when i am talking with someone who is so engrossed in their phone or computer more than me, to the point that our conversation is made up of several one word answers and desperately asked open-ended questions. sure, the timing could be off, they could be in a non-talkative mood, or they just want to get rid of me (haha), but my point is, when i ask, "how are you" or someone else asks me that, a thoughtful and genuine response would be nice once in a while. because frankly, its because i would really like to know HOW YOU'RE DOING. :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

sorta freaky, but i should have expected it

so. God is good. i know that, you know that.

but this morning as i woke up i began to pray for a lot of people in my life. people with good news and exciting adventures, people who are struggling, tired, weak, and people whose lives i have no idea what is going on, but were placed on my heart.

i have been reading this book, how to hear from God by joyce meyer. and it seems, that God continuously provides the Word, truth, and practical thinking at the times that i need to hear it the most. its strange, its like He knows that i needed to hear it! ;) haha well, duh. He's God. He's cool like that.

i also found that God uses every day life examples and materialistic items as tools to get an analogy and point across. i've been struggling with transitions in my life. transition from college life to home life. having the freedom in making a decision and only affecting myself where now, other people are involved. and relationship transitions. from having available access to people to talk with, laugh with, and basically be silly with are suddenly hours away and i have to rely on the means of technology to stay in contact (except for the fact that i like to write letters and hope that i can recruit some people to the idea of pen-paling).

i've had to face the fact that life changes and moves on and adjustments need to be made. that i'm NOT alone and i AM special. i do have friends regardless of our differences in age, careers, stage of life, and interests. in Christ there is hope. hope that His perfect and unfailing love will pierce the inner beings of those who are hurting, aching, and see no possible outcome to their current situations. i am not defined by my job or abilities. i am more than that and there is more of myself that will be revealed. job or no job, i need to be thankful in all things....

...hence. the portion of the book that i want to mention. the section is labeled as "Thankfulness Opens Our Receivers". its a lengthy excerpt, but bear with me:

God's general will for us is to 'thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the revealer and mediator of that will]' (1 thess5:18). we don't need to worry about whether it is God's will that we go to the mission field until we have learned to obey His will right where we are.

thankfulness keeps our ears open to hear God. the Bible says we are to thank God in everything, not for everything, but in everything. that means that no matter what is going on in our life, we are not to complain, murmur, grumble, or find fault. God doesn't want to hear us whine because whining is evidence that we have no faith in His ability to make things better.

...people who grumble and complain from daylight until dark never hear God, because to hear Him they must quit complaining!

so...i'm done complaining. i am thankful for the things unseen. i know there is something greater at the other end of the tunnel, and i'm excited! i'm excited for this new phase in my life, my new job that i'll get, and the new people i meet! thank you Jesus :)