Thursday, May 28, 2009

another rainy, gloomy, sleepy day

i have so much to do! i wanted to start walking/jogging/running each day to get my exercise in for the summer, but it has been raining an awful lot lately. :( i also wanted to continue to work on my room, but i got a small cold so that delayed me a few days where rest & liquids were much needed {i am much better now}.

i just want it to be nice!

i am also in desperate need for exploring too!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i have been going through a lot lately. it is kinda hard to elaborate/share (maybe for another time?), but God is indeed working in me/through me. i have unfortunately been unmotivated to write this past month (ahh!!!! sorry!!!). i am pushing on in my walk in God more than ever now, and would so love some prayers from you. because as "two or more are gathered.....God is in the midst" right??!!! why can't we gather on the internet eh?? i surely missed you a lot. i just didn't know where to start or how to write out what was going on in my life. part of it was laziness i must admit. :( i promise though, i WILL be writing more in the future. God touched my heart with this blog, and i will come back to it.

some quick updated news:
1)i have finished finals and my semester with a 3.675 GPA. yay! THANK YOU LORD! :D
2)i have moved back home (since may 1) and have yet to fully "move into my room". aka: unpack/clean.... lol i'm getting there! i have been doing a lot of "purging" of everything old! very cleansing! :)
3)i am taking one summer class (art history), for the month of july. i am a little nervous but excited for it. i was not able to take the photography one though because it was full :(
4)my sister & i now have 2 CARS!!! my uncle and cousin were able to bless us with it. however, it is a standard, so we have to learn how to drive it. mom took me out last night for a quick drive, oh boy... lord help me! lol
5)i have been playing volleyball every week! whoo hoo! every tuesday night (and sometimes the weekend) local churches get together and play. it has been a great networking system, and since i love the game, it is indeed a win-win situation :)

more stuff to come... thank you ALL for everything, even if all you do is read my posts, i really hope something i have put up has encouraged you in any way.


Saturday, May 2, 2009