Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i actually believe that i lived this commercial today. 

i was at wendy’s after work today and a man sitting near the entrance politely called out to me saying, “excuse me, i have a booklet of coupons on the counter over there. they expire tomorrow”. i smiled because little did he know that i had a very similar idea to gift my existing coupon book to a stranger, today at some point. i responded with, “oh yes! thank you so much, i actually have some of my own” :)

i order. i eat. i see a nice older couple walk in.

the wife stands in line as the husband sits at the table near me.

a few minutes went by and as i was getting ready to leave i say, “excuse me, but i have some extra coupons that end tomorrow and i am wondering if you’d like to have them” the man smiles and perks up saying, “ohhh! thank you very much. how kind of you.” he receives the two booklets and adds, “do you come here often? we do, it’s a pretty decent place to get food.” as we finish small talking, his wife walks over and he says to her, “look honey, this nice young lady gave us some coupons to use tomorrow!” she smiles and thanks me.

the part about this encounter that touched my heart the most was the fact that after we said our “good-byes” and “have a good day’s”, i walked to my car and while driving around the building i see the man turn towards the window, make eye contact with me and give me the biggest and grandest wave & smile. simply the most precious moment i had in a very long time.

thank you lord that you use me to bless others but also that you use others to bless me.
may you all show love & kindness in the most simplest of ways today and from here on out. it was the most un-valentine’s day way of celebrating and yet, the most at the same time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jesus v. religion

i saw a friend post this on facebook. i love it when people use creativity & art to speak the truth. this video/poem reminds me of this statement i found on a shirt i bought a few years ago, it says, "Christianity is not a religion, religion is humans trying to work their way to God. Christianity is God coming to men and women through a relationship with Jesus Christ." God bless!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

laughs vs. lies

have you ever heard a song and bobbed your head to it? only to find out that the words you thought were not what they actually were? for instance, i just heard a song on pandora that had really fun, upbeat, foot tapping music and when i took a second glance at the title, i was awakened to the fact that the word, "laughs", that i was hearing was actually "lies". how. disappointing. i hate it when music artists do this to me. :/

now i don't know if i just have really bad hearing or the enunciating of the artist was not clear or the music drowned out the word a bit or what. what i do know, though, is i'm really sad because now i don't like the song anymore. :/

yes. i DO know that "laughs" & "lies" do not sound the least bit alike when said separately now. but at the time, you have got to trust me....i was easily fooled.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"how are you?" "good"

sometimes when people ask me, "how are you?" i try to answer as honestly as possible. for instance, if i'm really tired i respond, "pretty tired, but i'm hanging in there". so today when i was at work, a client says, "hi kim! how was your day?" i say, "my day was a little crazy but it's going well thank you" :) later on, a co-worker of mine asks me, "so besides your day being a little crazy, how are you?" all i could muster up for a response was, "good". really kim? after a moment's pause and a sigh all i could say was "good"? the one-word-generic-answer that everyone uses. even when they're honestly doing well or when they're not. the one thing i did not want to fall into--the thoughtless, generic, i-don't-have-time-to-talk-because-i-have-to-get-back-to-work, answer----"good". but frankly, things were good! i wasn't lying. i wasn't deliberately being vague. my life has just finally reached that point where nothing exciting or new has happened or is coming up. things were....well, good. sure, this could be a post that screams, "you're over-reacting, kim! don't make a big deal out of this!" but i honestly want to be upfront and real with people. especially when they take the time out of their day to find out how i'm doing. they didn't have to make small talk, but they did and because of that the least i could do is respond sincerely. the courtesy and consideration of communication among people is very important. i feel like people are so rude or impersonal these days, its really sad! 

 yesterday i was shopping with some friends in noho, i didn't buy much. just one cute owl coaster. and the cashier asks me, "would you like your receipt printed or emailed to you?" my friend & i were surprised. we even giggled at the idea, "wait, what? you email receipts now?" he says, "yeah, it makes returns really easy now". wow, our culture has become so electronically run that we can't even return something face to face anymore--sure convenience is a huge issue. but i meet some of the neatest people when i go out of my comfort zone.

OKAY, back to my previous thought::

so, if you see me get irritated when i am talking with someone who is so engrossed in their phone or computer more than me, to the point that our conversation is made up of several one word answers and desperately asked open-ended questions. sure, the timing could be off, they could be in a non-talkative mood, or they just want to get rid of me (haha), but my point is, when i ask, "how are you" or someone else asks me that, a thoughtful and genuine response would be nice once in a while. because frankly, its because i would really like to know HOW YOU'RE DOING. :)