Monday, June 22, 2009


usually mondays are not my best days. not that things go wrong, but nothing fun or interesting happens. it's just....well.... blah.

but! today, amanda and our good friend damien went out to starbucks to relax and talk and do whatever. he ordered coffee {as usual} and amanda and i ordered vanilla bean frappachinos. we have this little thing where he always tries to convince us to drink coffee---iced or hot. he LOVES it, i love the smell, but can't do the drink itself. i have just never been attracted to drinking it. plus we are trying to prove to our friends that we can survive without it. we have already been through high school and already two years of college without coffee. so far, it is just a fun game we do with each other.

after time of talking about God & goofing around we headed off to 99Restaurant to get some foodage. there we ordered a TON of food and laugh our heads off. the place was not very busy and we were able to really enjoy ourselves. we all were also able to order something out of the ordinary or out of our comfort zone.

i don't know how many of you know about the card game NERTZ but amazingly enough damien pulled out the decks of cards and we played multiple game after we were done eating and payed. our waitress was really nice and said that we could stay as long as we wanted! nertz is similar to solitare, but not. you can check this website out too if you want. it is a really fun game, and everyone {at just about EVERY single get together} plays it----for hours at a time!

overall we had a wonderful time fellowshiping and being with friends.

it was probably the coolest mondays in a long time! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

jake hamilton & jesus culture

my good friend gave my sister & i a jake hamilton cd {from jesus culture}, and i have fallen in love with it! thank you lord for willing vessels to shout your name and state your promises in our lives! we need to prophecy to this place--this place in time, this place of worship in which we go, & in our hearts. WE CAN SHAPE HISTORY!!! WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!


here are more videos from youtube! Enjoy!

God Bless!

{pray until Jesus comes to this world, and have his word manifested in this earth!}

rain rain

"rain rain, go away, come back another day!"

indeed, it has been raining a whole lot lately! it does not even feel like summer. however, i was never a fan for super hot unbearable heat either. :/ the thunderstorms a few days ago, i did love though! i love thunderstorms. they are so powerful and the rain always puts me to sleep. i don't like it when a thunderstorm is during the day---especially when there is a chance that the power might go out. thus another pro to night-thunderstorms! lol

God is always faithful! he continues to work in me, my family & friends. my mother and i have had some misunderstandings, but were able to get through them, and i believe that we are at a better place now. a lack of communication with someone i truly look up to and want to be with is never good. i think some of the problems were created because i was trying to take care of things by "myself". which is never a good start: 1) i should always turn to God 2) my mother & father are definitely sources of support and wisdom. they are always here for me. so, i learned a lesson yesterday, seek God first in the mornings & throughout the day and never be afraid to talk to those God put in my life. even if the issue is small or big, there are always ways in dealing with the situations. :)

i also truly thank God for my friends, my BFF's, my "girls" ;D they have & always will be available for me as well. and i will continue to pray for them and come to them as well with my thoughts & needs. they truly are my besties. <3>

ok, im ready for lunch now. one thing about summer that could be a good thing or bad thing: leftovers. they never seem to go away! LOL


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

photo blog

due to my laziness during the month of may, i am posting many pictures on my other blog. if you have the time and want to check them out you most certainly can! :)

hm, lets see, a picture can say 1,000 words, then that means i should be all set with the scarcity of posts on this blog right??!! :)

God Bless!

this week is going to be rainy and gloomy, but with God, his light in&through us will always SHINE! <3>

Sunday, June 7, 2009

beautiful weekend

thank you lord for a wonderful, beautiful, warm, sunny, eventful, weekend with friends & family. you continue to bless us and love us. thank you..... <3

my 21st!

amanda & i turned 21 on may 17, 2009. it was a very quaint family get together with wonderful lasagna, cake & a movie. the day before we had our 3 very close friends for many years over for a party. :D

the next day we went for our renewed licenses! whoot! and they came out good! LOL

WE'RE 21!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

live GodFilled music

this is a christian radio station for the Pioneer Valley that my pastor and great brother in Christ run. they offer music and talks to share the word and love and passion of Jesus! check it out! this is the home page this is for the music

a morning walk

my mom & i went on a walk this morning. it took me a while to wake up before we left (thus making us leave at 8:30am rather than 8). but once we got moving, stretched, and started to go to our destination, we had some nice encouraging conversation. most of it was for my mom, with her wanting to become healthier and happier. i have been wanting to get my flexibility back (esp because i lost a lot of it when i came to college with the decrease amount of dancing i was involved in) as well as toning up and becoming healthier as well. so basically, we conversed and decided to walk everyday, at least, and then on mon.s, tues, & fri.s we will walk 2x a day. wed & thurs we have prayer and church in the evening, thus making those days our "resting days" so to speak. but our goal is to start small, to get accustomed, and begin to build new habits and a new way of thinking and living. this way when we start more rigourous activities (because eventually our bodies will get accostomed to the previous workout regime) we will "want" to work out, and love it at the same time! we were very positive, and i was very thankful and excited for the future of this summer.

Lord, i pray that you will help us to stay focused, and keep our thoughts on you as we take care of our bodies, and your "vessels". <3>

God Bless!