Monday, June 22, 2009


usually mondays are not my best days. not that things go wrong, but nothing fun or interesting happens. it's just....well.... blah.

but! today, amanda and our good friend damien went out to starbucks to relax and talk and do whatever. he ordered coffee {as usual} and amanda and i ordered vanilla bean frappachinos. we have this little thing where he always tries to convince us to drink coffee---iced or hot. he LOVES it, i love the smell, but can't do the drink itself. i have just never been attracted to drinking it. plus we are trying to prove to our friends that we can survive without it. we have already been through high school and already two years of college without coffee. so far, it is just a fun game we do with each other.

after time of talking about God & goofing around we headed off to 99Restaurant to get some foodage. there we ordered a TON of food and laugh our heads off. the place was not very busy and we were able to really enjoy ourselves. we all were also able to order something out of the ordinary or out of our comfort zone.

i don't know how many of you know about the card game NERTZ but amazingly enough damien pulled out the decks of cards and we played multiple game after we were done eating and payed. our waitress was really nice and said that we could stay as long as we wanted! nertz is similar to solitare, but not. you can check this website out too if you want. it is a really fun game, and everyone {at just about EVERY single get together} plays it----for hours at a time!

overall we had a wonderful time fellowshiping and being with friends.

it was probably the coolest mondays in a long time! :)

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Elizabeth J. said...

Mondays can be kind of slow for me too. Oh, this is my first visit to your blogspot. I found your blog through the chels2chels blog. If you'd like, stop by my blog.