Thursday, June 18, 2009

rain rain

"rain rain, go away, come back another day!"

indeed, it has been raining a whole lot lately! it does not even feel like summer. however, i was never a fan for super hot unbearable heat either. :/ the thunderstorms a few days ago, i did love though! i love thunderstorms. they are so powerful and the rain always puts me to sleep. i don't like it when a thunderstorm is during the day---especially when there is a chance that the power might go out. thus another pro to night-thunderstorms! lol

God is always faithful! he continues to work in me, my family & friends. my mother and i have had some misunderstandings, but were able to get through them, and i believe that we are at a better place now. a lack of communication with someone i truly look up to and want to be with is never good. i think some of the problems were created because i was trying to take care of things by "myself". which is never a good start: 1) i should always turn to God 2) my mother & father are definitely sources of support and wisdom. they are always here for me. so, i learned a lesson yesterday, seek God first in the mornings & throughout the day and never be afraid to talk to those God put in my life. even if the issue is small or big, there are always ways in dealing with the situations. :)

i also truly thank God for my friends, my BFF's, my "girls" ;D they have & always will be available for me as well. and i will continue to pray for them and come to them as well with my thoughts & needs. they truly are my besties. <3>

ok, im ready for lunch now. one thing about summer that could be a good thing or bad thing: leftovers. they never seem to go away! LOL