Thursday, June 4, 2009

a morning walk

my mom & i went on a walk this morning. it took me a while to wake up before we left (thus making us leave at 8:30am rather than 8). but once we got moving, stretched, and started to go to our destination, we had some nice encouraging conversation. most of it was for my mom, with her wanting to become healthier and happier. i have been wanting to get my flexibility back (esp because i lost a lot of it when i came to college with the decrease amount of dancing i was involved in) as well as toning up and becoming healthier as well. so basically, we conversed and decided to walk everyday, at least, and then on mon.s, tues, & fri.s we will walk 2x a day. wed & thurs we have prayer and church in the evening, thus making those days our "resting days" so to speak. but our goal is to start small, to get accustomed, and begin to build new habits and a new way of thinking and living. this way when we start more rigourous activities (because eventually our bodies will get accostomed to the previous workout regime) we will "want" to work out, and love it at the same time! we were very positive, and i was very thankful and excited for the future of this summer.

Lord, i pray that you will help us to stay focused, and keep our thoughts on you as we take care of our bodies, and your "vessels". <3>

God Bless!

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