Monday, April 27, 2009


ahh! i'm so sorry guys! i haven't been on in forever! so much has happened these last few weeks. a lot having to do with school ending on FRIDAY! whoo-hoo! the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and .... hot. :O i have three finals and a research paper this week, and simply can not wait until they are over and i can enjoy my summer!

i will fill you all in later..... have a gorgeous week!!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009


may you ALL have a blessed and God filled RESURRECTION DAY!!!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

strength in you

lord, give me the strength and peace i need to continue on these last few weeks!

yesterday i had a wonderful time at the new tribe bible study at RPI. we read john 12. at one point we were really able to do more sharing than analyzing and picking apart of the word. i really enjoyed that. it was good to hear and be encouraged by my peers on what they have gone through and what they are learning in their relationship with God.

many more projects left to go before summer! i am slowly but surely checking them off my list, but not nearly fast enough. :o/ i took my stats test today and i had a rough time. the material made sense to me but i knew that i had to go in and take my time. in addition to that, i had all the information i was studying jumble up in my brain the minute i put my notes away. it was very nerve-racking! i started to freak out a bit, so i took some deep breathes, moved onto another problem, and tried to focus. i almost got to the point where i felt like i couldn't breathe and was on the verge of hyperventilating. i've never been in a position like that before! it was scary. but i believe my prayer before i took my test and while i was studying allowed me to in the end do the most i could do. there is always more room for studying, and i should've payed attention to my time the night before a little better, but i do believe God helped me not bomb it! thank you Jesus!

i'm off to a lacrosse game where i'm working at RPI, and right now it is flurrying!! AHH! at least it is better than pouring rain for 2+ hours like on monday.

please keep me in prayer, and all other students, for the end of the semester is always stressful. it is definitely something that should not distract us from God!!!

"i can do all things in you Lord!!" <3

Saturday, April 4, 2009


i found this as an advertisement on my facebook. it is really good..

Another great artist i was introduced to by a friend from my church is nina landis. i wasn't able to find this song on youtube but you can go to this site and look for the "greatest weapon" song to the right of the page. it is short but so powerful and awesome. i can play it over and over all night. it is so calming and true ----- {}. feel free to look at the other songs too!

here is one

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


psalm 27:14
14 wait on the Lord;
be of good courage,
and He shall strengthen your heart;
wait, i say, on the Lord!

the meaning of "wait" here isn't a lazy, passive waiting, but rather an active stepping back, handing over our current issues to God, and wait for his will to come to pass through us! His timing is perfect! i love it whenever i start to get stressed, or get a little unhappy with how things are going in my life, and the minute i change my mindset and focus on Jesus i get stronger. stronger in him and stronger in my faith. waiting for something only makes it better when it finally arrives! that's why i want to wait on God's timing and not my own because i always want something premature or too late. but God is so good! he'll make us wait for him to speak, seek him out, and in the meantime we get a stronger love connection with him. whatever God has in store for me--whether it be what classes i take at school, where i live next year, what job{s} i get over the summer, who my friends are, my future boyfriend and then husband, etc.--i know it will be great. and frankly, i'm not in any hurry. i'm going to lean back, study his word, get to know him more through prayer, and well....simply wait.