Saturday, April 4, 2009


i found this as an advertisement on my facebook. it is really good..

Another great artist i was introduced to by a friend from my church is nina landis. i wasn't able to find this song on youtube but you can go to this site and look for the "greatest weapon" song to the right of the page. it is short but so powerful and awesome. i can play it over and over all night. it is so calming and true ----- {}. feel free to look at the other songs too!

here is one


RunTX said...

interesting :)

Jen said...

Hi! I am glad to hear all is well. I have missed you! My classes end soon, I took a journalism class and a design class. I am going to post some of my design work soon. I am so excited to be done too and I took these classes for fun! Anyway just wanted to say 'hey'. :)