Wednesday, January 4, 2012

laughs vs. lies

have you ever heard a song and bobbed your head to it? only to find out that the words you thought were not what they actually were? for instance, i just heard a song on pandora that had really fun, upbeat, foot tapping music and when i took a second glance at the title, i was awakened to the fact that the word, "laughs", that i was hearing was actually "lies". how. disappointing. i hate it when music artists do this to me. :/

now i don't know if i just have really bad hearing or the enunciating of the artist was not clear or the music drowned out the word a bit or what. what i do know, though, is i'm really sad because now i don't like the song anymore. :/

yes. i DO know that "laughs" & "lies" do not sound the least bit alike when said separately now. but at the time, you have got to trust me....i was easily fooled.

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