Saturday, March 28, 2009

a barbecue and obnoxiously loud friends

tonight amanda, jill, & i went up to RPI {the college up the hill from us} and visited our friends. we try to see each other whenever we can, but it has been very busy and we did not have the chance since winter break. a VERY long time considering we are only 10 min away from eachother.

regardless, we decided to hang out this weekend. most of the time we don't have specific plans but to just hang out and see what happens.

so that's what we did!!

when our friend nick picked the three of us up and when we arrived to their apartment/dorm outside on the lawn were all of the inside living room furniture! everyone was lounging away in the sun, chatting, and having a good time.

so we were hanging out for a bit, decided that we wanted a barbecue {thus meaning a field trip to price chopper later}, and in the meantime before dinner threw around the football and frisbee.

my friend harsha said something that was very true! something that means a lot to me. he mentioned that what is so funny is that just by throwing a ball back and forth between a few people can be so much fun and so fulfilling! you pass it on to someone else, wait patiently for it to come back to you {not knowing exactly when}, and when it eventually makes its way back to your waiting hands, you get so excited! i love just being relaxed, knowing that you have no current worries to take care of, enjoy the sun, and throwing a football around with some great friends!

most of these "friends" are guys. its funny... sage is an all women's college, and RPI {rensselaer polytecnic institue} is co-ed but practically an all men's college {approx. a 3/7 girl to guy ratio}. therefore, whenever we need a "testosterone" fix {which happens once in a while because girls can definitely become overwhelming..... fast!} we try to get to see them. we do have a few girl friends that go there, and i personally think that we help them out by giving them an "estrogen" fix! LOL

nonetheless, as we enjoy eachother's company, the guys DO become loud, overreactive, & obnoxious... fast! and yet... i love every bit of it. <3

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Nancy said...

It sounds like you had such a good day! And what Harsha said is so true too. We've always recognized that we love doing "nothing" when we hang out, but he put into words well what it's like. Just really relaxed, a free exchange...You and Amanda always crack jokes, which in the metaphor is like throwing the football - I don't know when it's coming, but I get SO EXCITED when it does! <3