Saturday, March 28, 2009

award: fabulous

i have been blessed and honored to be picked as one of five fabulous blogs for this award by Jen

in order to receive it i have to do two things:
1. confess five things to which I am addicted, and 2. pass the award on to five other fabulous blogs.

so first, here are my five addictions...

five addictions:
1. God
2. taking pictures---it seriously relaxes me. i love it!!!
3. people watching
4. thinking about the future
5. wearing comfy clothes & cuddle with fuzzy things & drink peppermint tea.

now here is the tough part. the following five fabulous blogs are:

Recovering the Satellites:
even though she hasn't posted in a while, she has a perfect reason and i have no doubt that she will make it up to us! ;D {nance i'm only writing this because i know you'll read it <3}>

Beautifully Broken: a beautiful blog full of dedication in everything!

Learning to be a Wife: a great blog that inspires me although i am no wheres to getting married yet! :)

A glimpse into my thoughts...: a blog that is full of love and truth. thanks for sharing everything that you do!

Life with Logan: this blog is just so cute and i fully enjoy seeing the love a mother has for her child!

now i hope you all will pass this award on to five additional fabulous blogs, and don't forget to tell us your five addictions!



Emily Joy said...

Thank you =D

Nancy said...

Thanks so much!!! I have had so much STUFF spinning around in my head and I'm anxious to get it out real soon! I won't let you down!

Jess said...

Thanks Kimberly!!! You're too sweet :)