Monday, March 30, 2009

one step further

one step step further to a different career, year at sage, and in my walk with God.

i handed in the papers for dropping chemistry, registering for the two classes i wasn't able to register for before, and changing my major TODAY!!!!!


thank you Jesus! so much weight is off my shoulders now. no longer do i have to put my energy and time into worrying about the small stuff, but now i can look forward to finishing up the semester with my projects that are due. :)

amanda & i also went to resident life to pick up our lottery numbers for housing next year. unfortunately we did not get the low numbers we wanted. i got 128 and amanda 130. they said it was supposed to be random... we don't think so. :( also, things are being done MUCH differently than last year. we do not have nearly that many residents that are going to be rising juniors this year---the numbers are so high because the college decided to include the communters in the lottery. WHAT?! no, i don't think that is fair. last year there was paperwork and due dates that were necessary to fill out in order to be a commuter and this year they are just going to put residents that have no choice but to live on campus with the commuters? i'm not trying to sound mean, but its not right. they should have residents pick their housing first and foremost and then allow commuters the chance to look for rooms. usually commuters stay commuters, and if they were to decide to live on campus most of the time the move during spring semesters. residents already have to fight tooth & nail for rooms and compete against eachother, and when we get really high numbers in the lottery system, thrown in with all of the commuter students, it makes it even more difficult to find adaquate rooms. it is also going to waste a lot of time when we go to pick the rooms on the designated dates because there are going to be a whole lot of empty spaces with commuters that decide to NOT live on campus? yes you should open the opportunity to live on campus to commuters. they deserve the same chances, but not in a way that would make things harder on the residents. most residents live on campus because they cannot commute back and forth to their homes. we don't have that choice, so we should be given our normal chances to get housing like previous years and still open up the field for commuters once all the residents have chosen their houses. there has been a HUGE increase in students for next year attending this "small" women's college. i really don't know how the college is going to handle it. i'm almost afraid that they are going to run out of rooms!!!! this is probably the reason as to why i'm a little upset. i don't want to end up without a room because of a commuter who decided to live on campus last minute! :( a few of our friends have high numbers as well and are equally confused and upset as to the changed system from last year. but i guess the only thing we can do {and what amanda&i have already done once} is to pray and think positively. God will make a way!! he always does!

enough of my ranting... have a great night!

God bless


Nancy said...

Aww man that housing situation is so unfortunate! :( It'll all work out in the end, though, I'm sure.

This morning (and lately) I was feeling pretty sick - sore throat, running nose, my eyes have been goopy (sorry, that's gross) - and I really wanted to skip class today. I don't like my 7:10 AM classes as much this trimester as I have in the past, and I'm always tired in the morning. Anyway, I got up as usual and went to my classes. I got out an hour early from the first one because all we did was review for our test on Thursday, so I was able to go relax in Starbucks and study for the test I had in my next class (part of the reason I know I couldn't stay home sick today). My friend met me there, and another friend joined us and it was nice. Then I took my test and was out after about 35 minutes. I think I aced the test, too! My point is that God knew I really wasn't feeling like sitting through classes today, and he gave me a break. He'll give you a break, too, and you'll get your housing. Just wait and see (and praying while waiting never hurts!) :D

burningDESIRE said...

Definitely! He knows our needs, and that's why I no longer am fretting about this. Of course initially it'll be a shocker, but I feel ok about it now. Wherever we end up, God will be the middle of it.. as well as friends, love, and laughter! <3

I'll pray that you feel better! Ya, if you have a moment you should really consider taking a nap. And do the usual--drink water, cranberry juice, rest, and pray. I believe that is what made me heal so quickly from the emerging cold.