Wednesday, March 11, 2009

have no fear! i'm still here!

hey everybody! i'm just checking in because i haven't been on in about a week. right now i am on my spring break and have been at home, church, friends' houses, playing volleyball with some churches, etc. & having a blast during all of it. :) i am also pretty busy with make-up readings {ewwww} that i want to get done for my classes&also stuff in order to get ahead {ewwww again..}.

with this new direction for my life and my major, i am in the midst of getting together an art&photography portfolio to hand in upon my arrival back to ny. once i get this done, i can be officially signed off as a CAT {creative arts in therapy} art major!! :D :D :D :D

for this portfolio, i have been asked to get about 10 pieces together. i have done two sketches so far, i am choosing four photos {which is MUCH harder than i thought}, and hope to do another sketch and three paintings by the end of the week! ah! i am excited though, and still feel like this is something God wants for me. i am ambitious&am happy to say that already my creative juices are a-flowin'! --whoot!

thank you lord!

as a side note, i'd like to share that today {as i was taking a shower}, i was able to really pray about some issues that were on my mind&heart for a long time. some hurts, some misunderstandings/confusions, and even for some unforgiveness i had. i started off just praying&thanking the lord for the wonderful day i was able to enjoy. from there, i was able to pray and actually TALK to God. now you have to understand, usually i pray very short prayers here and there every now and then throughout the day and such. i have never really prayed in the shower before, or at least for longer than 2 minutes while in there. for a while now, i have been yearning to really conversate with Jesus, and to treat him as my best friend that he REALLY IS and to go and give up my burdens to him. it was a really nice feeling or rather encouragement that the things that i have been praying about are in fact capable to be taken care of! hm, would you think about that...God really taking our fears and concerns and all we have to do is give them over to him! so easy, and yet, we as humans continue to make things so darn difficult!


but, to finish up, i was able to express the many issues on my heart concerning some things that were causing some unforgiveness towards 1-2 people. it is usually easy for me to brush things off my shoulders and let go, but this particular situation has been with me for a few months, and when i was able to leave the routine way of approaching prayer, i was released and able to move on. God still has to help me to fully move on, but i believe that i have made a right turn in the right direction. :)



AmberDenae said...

That is so great about your major and that you're able to do what you love to do! I love seeing people follow their dreams and fulfilling their passions and desires.

I can relate to the latter part of this blog. Sometimes we get so caught up in Jesus being our Lord that we forget He is also our Best Friend. He's even so much more than that. He is delighted when we take time to converse with Him and lay all of our burdens at His feet.

You're precious. Keep your passion and fire for Him!

God bless!

Jen said...

Wow, I am excited for you! I am sure your portfolio is amazing. From what I have seen on your other blog, it would be VERY hard to choose only 4 photos!

Thank you for the comment, it really warmed my heart. :)

I am really inspired by what you wrote here as a side note...really inspired. I have been going to church for most of my life, but it has only been recently that it has meant something to me. Your post was wonderful, and I will remember what you wrote. :)

Enjoy your Spring Break! :) Mine is next week. Hopefully there will be some cool photo posts. :)

I just realized that my background has the stair banister coming out of Moonbeam'e head! *Sigh*