Saturday, March 14, 2009


i was wondering if anyone could help me. maybe give me some advice? i've tried to get a play list on my page, but it won't actually play music for me. please let me know if it is or is not working for you. i feel like it won't play when you click the button... :o/

also, i was able to get the rest of my supplies for my portfolio this week/weekend and am excited. i have to finish up 3 paintings & then i'll be done! yay! however, right now, because of my excitement and zeal for the future i don't want to do anything for my classes i'm currently taking this semester. i get used to being home& right when i am accustomed, i have to pack up & move out...again. :( but there is good news, i only have 6 weeks left before finals& i'll be coming home for my 4 month summer on may2nd!! whoo hoo! i just need to focus, pray, and work hard for these last couple of weeks because they are going to fly by like crazy!

ps. spring break has sadly come to an end, and i have been privileged to capture some awesome pictures and am super duper excited to put them up once i get back to school. so make sure you check them out soon on my other blog!

oh ya!! i also got new specks for my beautiful blue eyes and a longggggg overdue upgrade for my cell phone. amanda {my twin sis} & i now each have individual phones and no longer have to share which is a good thing. we've been sharing the same phone since 10th grd. i think that we would probably continue to share it for a longer period of time, but there has been some complaints of fuzzy&crackly sounds when we talk. so this convinced us to leave the antique behind and go for something a bit more updated. there is a time& a season for everything, and i guess it was time to move on and start new. :D

We have decided to donate the phone for soldiers across seas to use.


Nancy said...

Wow, there was lots of good news in there!

First, I can hear the music! It plays automatically, so no worries. I don't know why it doesn't play for you. Hmm.

Exciting news about finishing up your portfolio too! I'd love to see it some time.

I feel your pain about settling in at home and then having to leave again. I'm glad you're focusing more on being done soon though - I just started my 11 week trimester, so I have longer to go! It's already flying by at lightning speed, though, so I'm sure it'll still be over before I know it. I trust that you will have the strength to blitz through the end of the semester too.

So exciting about the new phone too! Do you have a camera phone?


Emily Joy said...

It works for me =)

burningDESIRE said...

oh yay! Thanks for responding :) It just so happens, that now the music DOES work! figures. lol I will try to put more songs on the playlist once I find more time.

Nancy, yes it does have a camera! I shall take a picture sometime and send it to you. ;)


Lindsey said...

Love your blog!!

Jen said...

Hi! WOW - love the photo on the sidebar of the holding hands...beautiful, it is like good poetry. Well done.

Ok, posting photos on blogspot is a tad...irritating. I know what you mean, I like mine to be in a certain order too - and I like to have the right amount of spacing between them. So, what I do is, well it sounds complicated, but it works for me.
Blogger automatically puts the photos at the top of of the post, and the photo you upload first will be at the bottom of the post. So, I work backwards. To help me keep it straight, I pull all the photos I want to upload out onto my desktop, and I arrange them in a column there. The top of the column is the photo I want at the top of the post. Then I upload the photos from the bottom up.
For example, I might have the photos on my desktop like this:

Photo A
Photo B
Photo C

When I upload them, I search my desktop and upload them photo C, then photo B, then photo A. That way they are in the right order.

Usually I have the words typed out first, then I edit copy-edit paste my paragraphs around the photos. That way, my spaces stay uniform.

I am dork, I know.

I hope this helps!

Oh, and the music started playing right away for me. :)

Can't wait to see your photos!

RunTX said...

I like the playlist