Thursday, March 26, 2009


i went to bed after a few hours of feeling like the beginning of a cold is emerging. i already prayed over myself for healing and strength, went to bed when i no longer needed to stay up {i wouldn't really call it early, but i guess it was} at about 11:45pm. i've been drinking some more fluids {water, cranberry juice, orange juice}, disinfecting the room, and trying to stay optimistic. i'm going to take another quick nap before my class at 11 today {actually my English class is going to be online today not in the classroom} so that will help with the occasional blowing of the nose. :P please pray for me because i really can not afford to get sick. i am so close to the end, and need to trust in God that this thing is only temporary and believe that it won't affect my life.

<3> in Christ


Emily Joy said...

Hope you get better quickly! I know how it can be. I'm praying for you :)

Jen said...

1. I will pray for you. Meanwhile, take Airborne (you let one tablet dissolve in water and drink it, I use not a lot if water and hold my nose and drink it quickly because it tastes bad to me.) and stay WARM. Also, chicken noodle soup, and orange juice and ecchinacea supplements.

2. I live near Detroit, the photos I posted are from Howell - but I am VERY familiar with Port Huron, now that you mention it, those homes do like like the ones in Port Huron. Actually my favorite house in the whole wide world is in Port Huron. There is a fantastic cafe/coffeehouse in Port Huron - The Raven. Do your friends know it? If they are ever in Howell, tell them to check out The Howelling Cafe. And the third best coffeeshop in MI is in Mt. Clemens, called Conga coffee.


Nancy said...

I got a yucky throat this week, and I talked to Emily earlier in the week and she had the same. It's a bummer :'(. I hope and pray that you'll feel better soon and it won't slow you down, since you seem to have been on a momentum kick yesterday! Lots o' love hunny!

burningDESIRE said...