Friday, March 27, 2009

thank you bl<3ggers!

thank you all for your concerns, prayers, suggestions, and advice. i am feeling a lot better, almost completely normal!! i took two naps yesterday, kept warm in socks and a sweatshirt, took only two cold tablets, drank water, ate some soup at dinner {although not much because the school likes to pour buckets of salt in it---did not end up finishing}, drank cranberry juice {Jen, I would have taken your advice on the echinacea, etc. but i had no means on getting to a store plus i was feeling a lot better as the day went on yesterday}, and most importantly i read in the word and prayed again!!!

this is the fastest a cold has ever "started to emerge" and disappear without going through it's course. that's exactly it, it is God's course, not the cold's! :D i still need to blow my nose and a tiny bit stiff, but i'm not letting it bother me one bit because i plan on playing 3 hours of the amazingly fun game of
volleyball at RPI {college up the hill} for a 24hr tournament for the illiteracy cause. amanda & i are very excited. we are being picked up @1:30pm so i'll be praying that everything will go smoothly and there would be NO injuries whatsoever!


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Amanda said...

Too bad volleyball was canceled due to not recruiting enough players! :( Maybe another time, right Kim? xoxo