Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a long day coming to an end

so today was incredibly long, fast, intense, calming, busy, relaxed, & well, interesting.

1)8AM: i took an extremely insane chem test
2) 9AM: relaxed & read in the bible
3) 10AM: today, march 25, 2009 our school's new president was announced. i got to go to the ceremony for one of my classes.
4) 11AM: stats was probably the longest 1hr 20min ever!
5) 1230PM:i didn't have time to get a real lunch because i had an appointment with my adviser to look at my portfolio----a bagel and cheetos.
6) 1245PM: i had my meeting with my adviser/will be professor and she approved my portfolio for the major----I'M IN, I'M IN!!! :D :D :D :D :D
7) 120PM: i went to the chem lab review session before lab @ 2pm and talked with the TA about me dropping out of chem.
8) 125PM: i went to student services to get the add/drop form and the change of major form
9) 130PM: went to my chem professor's office to have him sign the paper---i finally dropped chem!
10)135PM: went back to the library to let everyone know that i will not be in lab or the class anymore
11)145PM: back in the room for 2 hrs----shared the news with some friends&amanda and took a nap
12)400PM: went to work until 530pm. did some research on the computer while in the front desk office of the recreation building (where the gym is) for my english research paper
13)530PM: went back to the room instead of directly to dinner like i usually do every wednesday
14)535PM: went up to the room, dropped off my bag, went BACK to the dining hall (1min away from where i work)
15)630PM: back to the room, did some important emails.
16)700PM: went to a guest lecturer who is a photojournalist looking at the effects of immigration on the women of mexico left behind by husbands. i went to this for extra credit for one of my classes. it was really informative, i like it a lot. :)
18)820PM: it went longer than expected, and i left after the first half and questions
19)830PM: back to the room and watching students come in and out of all the dorms for tours because of the room lottery coming up---choosing housing for next year.
20)840PM: talked to mom & dad on the phone. found out that amanda&my car is fixed!! well, a big part of it is. :)
21)920PM--present: relaxing, blogging, and finishing up my interview paper for my cultural perspective class.


Well, that was my day in a nut shell. Thank you lord for providing strength and blessings all day! <3>

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Nancy said...

My favorites are #s 6,9, 11, 16, and 20. Congrats on dropping chem and changing majors!!! <3