Monday, March 2, 2009

to-do lists

oh the joys to being alive in this day & age. so many ideas, so many expectations, so many do.

making a list helps a person get organized. it allows a person to see what he/she has to accomplish in preparation for upcoming events&assignments. a to-do list is a source of stress relief because you tend to not forget what is due when you visually see the notes&check things off as they get completed----well unless you forget to write something on the list, and that is another point for another time. perhaps i can write a post on forgetfulness. i should put that on my to-do list. ;P

i said that lists can help with relieving stress because you can see the lists of demands&commitments you previously are assigned to or agreed to complete. however, once that list goes from short to medium to long to longish to very long, well, forget about relieving stress, you have so much stuff to do by then! you don't have time to think about other things.

i made a to-do list last night. a list of assignments&exams due that i have to get done before Friday afternoon when i go home for spring break. it was sorta long, but not too bad because i only focused on one week of work, rather than a month or so {which i know will be stressful to even look at---one week at a time, one week at a time}. so, i wrote out my list of things to do, and included everything i presently need to accomplish as well as some "catch up stuff" because it is quite common that i get behind by a chapter or so of reading in one of my classes. from there, with everything included, i grabbed my highlighter and thought "i should highlight my priorities, so i can break things up and not get overwhelmed". great idea right? of course, except when everything on the list is highlighted except for two. :/

then, i came back from chemistry about 20 min ago, and was informed that i have a lab exam on wed {as well as everything else in the entire universe}, one more thing to add to the list!

oh wait, don't let a sigh of relief yet, we're not done yet! i forgot to add my day2 midterm for sociology that is on friday. awesome.

i talked to amanda&my other roommate jill last night letting them know that obviously we all have things to do this week {projects, papers, exams, etc} and to not worry when the room is super quiet and we are not all happy-go lucky. we are just going to really have to focus so we won't snap at eachother. be more considerate, and quiet than usual as well. help out whenever we could.

i also said that i'm going to be pretty stressed today because i have to write two papers today. i asked amanda if she could help me calm down if i get a little wired {you see, i already get nervous and anxious when i have to write one paper & writing two, well, is new to me}. she said something that i was pretty ashamed of not thinking of first before i opened my mouth. she mentioned, "well, God will help you first you know"... well durr! of course he will!!! i wanted to hit myself in the head. i need to go to him first before anyone else. he is my peace&comforter, which is exactly what i need for this chaotic week.

::thank you lord for always being there for me when i need you. both in good times & bad. i pray for peace, rest&comfort in the times that i get anxious today. my life is in your hands. i want to do well, make you my proud daddy. i don't want to let you down. i will work hard&try to stay focused. i am so thankful that you hold me when i need to be held, and smile at me as my eyes get lower... whenever i need it. i love you Jesus::


Nancy said...

While it might be stressful looking at a full list of things to do, not only does it help to keep me focused but nothing compares to the satisfaction of checking an item off the list! It's like its own special reward for completing that task. I hope you can slow down enough to take a moment to savor each check this week (before moving on to the next assignment)

God bless and good luck!

burningDESIRE said...

Thank you deary!