Saturday, February 28, 2009

a much needed visit

my very dear friend nancy, came to visit amanda & i at school this weekend. she came yesterday afternoon, slept over, and left later today.

it was definitely a "much needed visit".

i love her so much. one of the most beloved aspects of our friendship {with my other besties as well}, is that we can have a great time.....doing nothing! just sitting with eachother, laughing/giggling, talking, relaxing, and being just what God created us to be. that is when the most precious bonds are formed.

thank you nancy for making an effort to come to troy! we love & appreciate you!

however, because she left much later than planned, i did not get any school work done. therefore, tomorrow will be a "much needed library visit". ;P



Walking on Sunshine... said...

Hope you get all your studies done! But what fun to spend time with a friend!

Nancy said...

I will always come when you call...winter, spring, summer, or fall and all that jazz. You two mean the world to me! Thanks for being great hostesses. I love you!

P.S. Sorry about impeding your homework progress :(

RunTX said...

It's good to get together with friends... :)