Sunday, February 1, 2009

living in another era

i'm listening to the BecomingJane soundtrack and because i really, really love the movie as well as Pride&Prejudice, sometimes i wonder what it would be like to live in that time period---or era.

the clothes, the parties, the arts---reading, writing, painting, playing music.

the search for the ideal husb
and to bring you happiness and love. the suitors asking your father for permission for your hand in marriage. the flowers, ribbons&dresses the girls wear--aside from the lack of oxygen from the corsets----all so romantic.

however, even though these assets of the times seem so luxurious (even if the characters in the particular movies were lower class---the commitment and determination to use what they already have is honorable), everybody had to work so hard to get what they needed or wanted.

to represent the family name as much as these peopl
e did during these times is respectable--probably much better use of your time than watching tv or partying so much that you bring disgrace to yourself or even family because you can't even remember the friend that took care of you the night before. and to even keep your family name up high in that era is difficult. if a daughter was not married off in time for no apparent reason, the family would become the topic of conversation amongst the town.

on other thought--- maybe i wouldn't like to live in another era. i think i'll just keep the daydreaming of JaneAustin characters just

oh well.... being able to learn 5 languages, having your own library of amazing novels in your house, and a gorgeous man begging to marry you would be kinda cool though.


Amanda said...

hahaha I like your last paragraph!! and I agree, it would be kinda nice!

Emily Joy said...

I love Jane austen novels. Particularly pride and prejudice...