Saturday, February 14, 2009

premio dardos award

"With the Premio Dardos is to recognize the values that each blogger uses to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal, etc.. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity through the thought that is alive and remains intact from their letters, between his words. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for a job that adds value to the Web."

i have been honored to have been mentioned on Jen's blog My Moments for this award. so, as the rules go, in order to collect the award, i need to pass this on to fifteen other bloggers' blogs. i am not quite sure if i'll be able to reach the needed number, but will try. i am still learning the members of this blogging community and enjoying it very much.

thanks again for this recognition. :) it reassures me that the motivation that caused me to create my two blogs in the first place is fulfilling itself. i am making a difference, somehow, somewhere...even if it is the smallest bit. thank you all for making the opportunity for me to share myself openly! i look forward to getting to know more of you through all of your blogs! <3

1. The Unobtrusives
is a very unique, and different blog. Viviane puts a new perspective on different aspects of everyday life.

2. Beautifully Broken, by Emily is so enjoyable. she expresses her love of Jesus in ways that only continue to inspire me to continue in my own walk in Christ.

3. Chase Images is a gorgeous blog with great photos and personality. i enjoy it immensely.

4. Dare 2 Dig Deeper is another blog by Emily.

5. It Takes Skill To Trip On Flat Ground is a blog i came upon a while ago, and like to visit.

6. Thankful Paul's blog JESUS AND THE ATHEIST is a blog where, the first post i read made me so excited and thankful that there was someone sharing their testimony in Christ. thank you for your determination and love for Jesus.

7. I learned about Jessica's blog Photography by Jessica through Jen {My Moments}. I love looking at her photos and seeing the love she pours into her family and friends.

8. Nancy, is one of my best friends. she is so determined, passionate, and full of life. I am happy that she takes the time to write so much about what she thinks is important to her. i love you! visit her blog Recovering the Satellites if you want to take an everyday meaning of a word, song or phrase and see it from a different perspective!

9. Jonna's blog, SHE in China is an interesting blog. with stories of traveling and life in another country. she is helping me stay focused in my aspirations as a traveler for the future.

10. Katherine's blog, katherine lou is a different blog than some of the others. she is very much into fashion as well as photography and shares lovely parts of her life.

11. teh cheese stands alone is a new blog i just recently started to follow, and already is funny and interesting to read. i feel like whatever Krista writes about, i have either thought about doing or have done it. very ironic.

12. Wonderfully Made! is another new blog i am visiting and is pretty artistic and creative. i am starting to get my creative juices flowing for gifts for friends and family by looking here.

unfortunately, i don't have quite 15 blogs to mention for this award, but i personally think the number is just a goal and not a requirement. thanks to all you bloggers for touching my life in little ways and for upgrading my blogging community{family}. :D



Emily Joy said...

Oh, thank you! You're so sweet! I'm glad I encourage you =)

Nancy said...

Thanks for the kind words! I've only done some casual browsing of other blogs, but I will make a more committed effort to exploring and seeking other blogs that I can appreciate. Once I do, I will repost this.

Thanks again, and I'm glad you enjoy my musings! <3