Friday, February 6, 2009


ok, so this weekend {starting tonight!} is our college's dance ensemble dance performance. there will be dancing {duh}, and smiles, and hopefully some good lighting.

hopefully some lighting??

usually the week of the show we rehearse in the theater every night from about 6-11 pm. very tiring and long. luckily we only stayed in the theater once until 11 and that was for the first of the three runs of the show, during two days of dress rehearsal. mon&tue were tech days {mon-first half of the show, tues-second half of the show}. this is where we figure out lighting, colors, cues of when to stop the music, turn up the lights, or change the color of the lights during your dance piece. mon&tues went smoothly and very well.

however, our first dress rehearsal {wed--where we run the show back to back for more practice} the cues were off, the lights wouldn't brighten, and basically all the dancers had to dance in either darkness or very VERY minimal lighting. we tried to fix it for the next dress rehearsal {thurs} but the same thing happened. so our lights guy has to manually turn on the colors and lights throughout every dance during the entire show!

it seems as though our equipment in the drama dept is very old {borderline ancient}. the computers take in {some} cues programmed to it, but are unable to display it through the lighting. hence, the reason why our lighting person needs to do it manually. a more difficult job for him, but much appreciated!

other than the lighting, and some mix-ups on a dance, all three dress rehersals went very well! we were very happy and proud with everyone's cooperation. :) now that tonight is the actual show {eeks!} i am hopeful and eager to see how it will come together. i am sure that it will turn out great. dancers love to dance&perform. that is exactly what i want the audience to notice from me---the fact that i love to dance.

yes, it gets tiresome. it takes away time from studying and going to sleep early, but i really do like it. there is def drama every now and then {not a big fan of drama}, but it seems as if everyone tries to move on, which is very good.

i am a little anxious this weekend, not necessarily because of the show but because of my papers, quiz, and readings due mon,tue&wed. i am sure God will allow me to get everything i need to get done, done--as he has done it for me in the past. he let me go into studying with a clear head, and a focused mind--soooo vital!

so God bless you in your weekend plans. this has been a very long week for me and i am excited that it is almost over, but before that occurs there is going to be...lots of dancing! :)


Nancy said...

Eek! I hope the lighting goes okay for you! That's so unfortunate that your equipment is so old. I wish you the best of everything this weekend! My heart is with you even though my body is not <3

Jessica said...

That is a beautiful photo

burningDESIRE said...

haha thanks, unfortunately I didn't take it. :/ maybe someday.