Monday, March 22, 2010

today was a strange day...

a strange day indeed. good. but strange. i felt like i was gone for forever. let's see here, this is what i did today: left my house at 6:40 am, rode in the car for 2 hrs, arrived at school, went to work, then came back to my room and did hw bc my first class was cancelled, lunch, 2hr painting class (i'm starting my self portrait assignment--whoo hoo!), went to my second class of they day (which is usually my third), then went to cvs with my group members, my classmate's car keys got locked in the car, waited for aaa, had dinner at friendly's while waiting for aaa, came back to school, went online (fb, blogs, email, etc), had my "little sister" come over for a little bit, and then i had to unpack, do homework, talk to donald, read in the word, and then go to bed at a decent hour. whew! all the while, having the weather be cloudy and gloomy... hmph. what happened to the gorgeous weather from this weekend!!!

God is sooooo good. i really really don't know what my life would be like without him! *selah (which means 'think about that') on this for a bit:

"be somebody"

in a word, what i'm saying is, grow up. you're Kingdom subjects. now live like it. live out your God-created identity. live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you -matt5:48 MESSAGE

1. today i will live in the now! i will live in the now because i am fearfully and wonderfully made...i am His workmanship...i am the righteousness of God in Christ...i am the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath...i am bought with a price... i AM somebody!

2. today i will refuse to believe anything about myself that this is contrary to what God believes about me. i will not regard any word spoken about me that does not confirm what God says about me. i will agree with God and His will for my life, even if it seems illogical and impractical to do so.

3. today i will carry myself in a way that demonstrates my godly self-confidence. i will speak well of myself without bragging or being offensive to others. i will show that i believe in myself, without thinking more highly of myself than i ought to think. i will love my neighbor as i love myself today.

4. today i will not waste my time on unimportant and trivial things--the "beggarly elements of the world." i will forsake t he temptation to give in to silly pettiness and will pursue great ideas and noble thoughts. i will conduct my affairs with a flair fro grandeur and loftiness without becoming pretentious and out of touch with reality.

5. today i will feel neither superior nor inferior to anyone else.

6. today i will remember that i am who God says that i am...i have what God says that i have...and i can do what God says that i can do!

7. today i will walk like a winner and lose my loser mentality. i am a champion, a king, an overcomer. i have favor, creativity, confidence, the Mind of Christ, prosperity, success, supernatural ability, and uncommon favor. anything can happen today, and my expectation of faith will attract the positive to my life. if God is for me, who can be against me?! no matter what others have said to me or about me--no matter what i have said about myself--today is a new day of self-realization for me. today i AM SOMEBODY, and today i will live in the now!

Father, help me to remember today that you have enabled me to be somebody! in Jesus' name, amen.
may you ALL have the peace of God on you tonight as you sleep and the strength you need in the morning. i hope this is encouraging for you all!

when you put God first, everything will fall right into place. i'm expecting new and great things for tomorrow and this week! Thank You Lord!

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