Saturday, March 27, 2010

keep smiling!

...the joy of the Lord is your strength. [nehemiah8:10]

#5. today i will do something to help me maintain a high level of joy...take a walk...get some fresh air...laugh with a friend...sing a song...accept a a blessing...get some something delicious...meditate on the something fun...praise the good to myself...let go of a grudge...learn something my thinking.


let's see. i've already completed the following: get some fresh air, laugh with a friend[and sister], be a blessing, get some exercise [does dancing around in the room in your comfy clothes count?!], eat something delicious, meditate on the Word, do something fun [snuggled with manders for a moment in time..], praise the Lord [i'm thankful to be alive!], let go of a grudge, change my thinking.

it's only 3:30pm on saturday. i definitely have time to do the rest on the list, and then SOME! i can take a walk, sing a song, accept a compliment, help somebody, be good to myself [hm, how about instead of saying that i 'need' a pedicure, i actually give myself one?], learn something new, and play!! i have also worked on some reading for homework, got some rest, listened to some groovy tunes... i'm on a roll!!! woo hoo!

the joy of the Lord is my strength.

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