Thursday, March 4, 2010


i am soooo excited for spring break! not only to relax, but to get closer with God in prayer & reading as well as fellowshiping, relaxing, seeing friends, and doing lots of reading [both leisure and academic]!!! and it is supposed to be sunny for the majority of the week which means, i could probably go exploring sometime with my camera! [which i haven't done in a long time]

today was pretty busy, i've been on the go from one thing to another since this morning. but after tonight's mandatory guest speaker lecture-thing for one of my classes ending around nine, i should be able to finish some homework and go to bed early! after dinner, before the guest speaker lecture-thing, i'm going to work on my landscaping paintings!!! sooo excited, i'm really digging this assignment, especially because it's not the typical landscape view that i chose. i'll put up pictures on my picture blog eventually, i'm still trying to catch up with pictures from last semester.

i also got the nicholas sparks book, dear john, in the mail today! yay for mail!! :) looking forward to reading that over break as well. okie, i guess that's it for now, until next time, God Bless!!! xo

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