Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i'm trying to decide if i can/should watch the passion of the Christ on thursday with the girls. hm, prayer is definitely in order here, and time management...what is it, 3hrs long?

i've been wanting to learn more & go deeper on the whole meaning of easter, better yet, resurrection day. i have some studying to do, and am trying to hear if this is something i could do in addition.

small group/bible study went really well today. thanks for all of your hard work sharee! ;) despite the small breakdown moment i had. lol i think i was just getting overwhelmed with things and just didn't know how to handle it the best. we will definitely do that game again.

it's been raining ALL day today, and super duper windy. but, i thank the Lord that i'm alive and that i have a safe&warm place to stay tonight.

oh yeah, and i almost ran into a wall & the post of a traffic sign..yay me.

God bless!

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