Sunday, January 31, 2010

i really really really....

want to get in the groove of this blogger thing. i just never seem to be consistent!! and it seriously doesn't make me happy. i started this thing to make myself me more open, expressive, try new things, verbalize(or write down to be more accurate) my feelings and life, to share the things of God in my life. i just seem to only do a day or two, but then i either don't take the time to really WRITE OUT my thoughts or i become lazy and just skip a day on purpose. hmph. :(

maybe i need to make it a scheduled-in part of my day kind-of-thing. perhaps so it can make me have the mentality that i HAVE to write something, and then maybe soon enough it'll become a habit, and then become natural. hm, we shall see!

church this morning was EXACTLY what i needed today. of course, God is a genius and already knows these things, regardless, it was definitely what i needed to hear and experience considering the type of week i had.

my dance performance is this weekend-eeks!! [this friday and saturday] this afternoon before dinner amanda&i&my friend katie rehearsed one of the dances and it went really well. we got to clarify and learn/teach eachother. i'm in 6 dances this year-three of which i help choreograph. whew! God will most definitely be my strength this week during tech and dress rehearsals. i will really have to buckle down and get serious in keeping my priorities straight!

another thing i did today: talked to one of my lovely besties, lizzy! we had originally wanted to do yahoo!messenger and use the web cam/video chat, but for some reason it wasn't working on her end. but amanda&i still were able to talk to her through speaker phone for a good 40 min! :D she was the one that went abroad to denmark and other various countries last semester.

omg, speaking about traveling, i love that all of my friends have gone to amazing places in their lives! [i am some what jealous, but i know someday, somehow i will get my chance] my other friend, nancy is going to canada for the olympics on sunday! she is participating in a program that is somewhat related to the school she is attending, and so she will be working there for two weeks, how sweet is that?!

i was also able to get together with my "littles" tonight. here at school, we have what are called "little" & "big" sisters. freshmen&jrs are paired up, and stay 'sisters' until the end of the school career & beyond! we drank tea/hot chocolate, giggled, & watched the usa tv show, psych, of which i love!

okay, it's 10:58pm. i have work and classes tomorrow, and have not accomplished anything academic this weekend [due to numerous issues/events--that i will discuss at a later time] in any sense... God is good. like really really good. i'm going to do some reading in a book called
hope's edge by frances moore lappe & anna lappe for my "women changing the world" class and pray before snuggling up with my teddy bear and wrapping myself in my blankets.


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Nancy said...

I have to say that I agree with you about the blogging thing. My blog has been neglected for far too long. BUT I intend to keep one at the Olympics so that I never forget even one moment of the experience, so hopefully I'll keep that inspiration and make blogging a habit when I return.

Isn't being busy fun? I know it gets overwhelming at times but I love being busy. I'm glad that you're keeping involved as well as making time for school AND social activities. It sounds like you have a great balance going on, since you are resting on the fulcrum of GOD!

You go girl <3